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Governor Cuomo’s proposed 30-day Amendments to the Executive Budget

OPWDD providers and advocates for the developmentally disabled expressed significant concerns about Governor Cuomo’s proposed 30-day Amendments to the Executive Budget. This amendment authorizes actions to address the loss of federal revenue as a result of modifications to the current Medicaid financing system for developmental disability services. The Governor claims that, “these actions generate $500 million of savings, including $180 million from accelerating Medicaid Redesign Team (MRT) initiatives and delaying investments, leveraging $200 million in current-year under spending to generate 2013-14 savings, and $120 million from a 6 percent reduction to OPWDD Medicaid rates for not-for-profit providers.”

Providers are concerned that budget cuts may reduce the level of care provided to their clients. In addition to budget cuts, providers are concerned that the MRT may include acceleration to a managed care model.

According to the New York Nonprofit Press, NYS Budget Director Robert Megna raised the possibility that the State might consider accelerating the enrollment into managed care of current specialized, high-needs Medicaid populations which are currently carved out of care. “We might have to increase the speed of getting people into managed care,” he said.

These proposed budget changes and probable acceleration to a managed care model highlight the need for providers to evaluate changes to their care. Several States, such as Wisconsin and Mississippi have already transitioned to a managed care model.

Successful providers have integrated technology into their care model. This allows them to maintain a high level of care despite budgetary constraints and do more with less. Focusing on providing staff when needed instead of “just in case” as well as supporting the consumers in developing the skills for more independent  living have been key components of a productive business model.

If the cuts or some percentage of the cuts are enacted in New York adjustments to care models as well as requirements from the state will need to be evaluated for both quality and efficiency.



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