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Medication Management

Medication management is often a major obstacle on the path to indendent living for many clients.  Having the right medication, at the right dose and remembering to take it at the right time can require a lot of support, especially if you are taking multiple medications. The most common support for medication management are the pre-poured pill boxes. This is a good organizational tool, but provides no reminders. Newer cell phone apps can be programmed to remind individuals to take their medication, however, these apps do not communicate with your support staff.

I recently came across a recent success in how technology can be used to better support medication management. An individual who currently lives in a supported apartment was at risk of having to move into a more supervised environment. His blood presssure was becoming unmanagable and staff had recently discoverd a stash of blood pressure pills in the closet. The individual wanted to take his medication, but had forgotten, and having forgotten, hid it from his support staff. He began using a MedReady to remind himself to take his medication. The MedReady has the ability to communicate with his support staff if a medication is not accessed within some specified time period. Utilizing the Med-Ready, his blood pressure has remained stable, and he has been able to maintain his current living condition.

The MedReady can be programmed to beep at medication access times. It stops when the medication is accessed. If the medication is not accessed in a reasonable time, for example 2, 5, 10, or 30 minutes, an EMT call center will attempt to make contact with the consumer, and will notify (text or call) the support staff.

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