Tech For DD

Our Mission

This blog has been created to discuss the available technologies that can help support the goal of client independence. Blogs will be posted describing specific products, highlight there characteristics, uses, and perceived strengths and weaknesses.

The goal is to help organizations and individuals understand the options available to them as they integrate technology into the care they provide. We will focus on solutions that are practical and cost effective.  The blog will not attempt to be a technical review. The hope is that the users of the technology will provide feedback to the blog and add additional insight.

We will not focus on electronic medical records or tele-medicine as those are two enormous categories that deserve their own space.

We hope that the readers will find the blog informative, and use it as a framework for making decisions that are in the best interest of their clients and family members.

Should you wish to contact us we are happy to answer questions and provide referrals.

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